Hi, I'm

 Mary Beth Ramsey

Speakers hire me to define their

Wordless Introduction. 

Is your clothing as good as your words?

Define your

Wordless Introduction,

Transform your World.


Does your Wordless Introduction match your words?

Are you having trouble selling from the stage?

Do your clothes project the image you want to project

to your ideal clients?


By the time you walk out and start speaking on stage, your audience will have already decided if you are credible in your field, and will have already decided if they will buy from you.


Let me help you with your Wordless Introduction so you can attract your ideal clients. I work with women entrepreneurs who are stepping into the spotlight on stages and on camera so they look and feel more credible as an expert in their field.

I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s crazy world; your personality, your sense of humor, and most importantly, your heart.


I am not the young girl who dresses cute and

thinks she can dress you cute. 

I have spent 25 years dressing actors in Hollywood.  

Yes, the people who are all about their visual image

and first impressions.  



I help you find your style so your Wordless Introduction matches the brilliant, amazing, successful, powerful woman you are. 


Those are Transformational Styles.  



Hollywood has been hiring Mary Beth to dress their actors for the camera since 1996.  She has worked on many TV shows and movies including the hit TV shows Modern Family, Beverly Hills 90210, 13 Reasons Why, My Name is Earl, Baby Daddy, and Bones. 

Recently, Mary Beth has met so many entrepreneurs who have amazing products and services but aren't getting their messages heard because of a disconnect with their audience. She believes that when women dress authentically and in a way that matches their products and services, their ideal clients will be drawn to them

and therefore they will change the world.


Wearing the clothes

Mary Beth picked out for me makes me feel so good about myself and the comments I get gives me the energy to change the other parts of my life.

Eileen Mackusick

MS, RD, College Instructor, Health Coach, and Speaker

"...The wardrobe you wear is an energy you're stepping into, and is therefore very powerful in how you see yourself and your beingness in the world.  My session with Mary Beth was very empowering and I recomment it to anyone who is seeking transformation and clarity in their life on all levels."

Natalie Koltz

Actress, Healer

“You are a reality show waiting to happen!  Phenomenal!  Thank you for all the support you give me.  I have a TV interview and a video podcast next week and I'm thrilled how easy it is to go into my closet now that you've helped me gather more on camera looks.  Thank you beautiful.”

Allana Pratt

Author, Intimacy Coach and Speaker

Want to be an

Empowered Woman?

It starts with becoming clear on who you are and releasing what

doesn't serve you.

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